Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Anyone can browse this site anonymously. However, in order to add scores a visitor must have an account registered on the site. To register for an account, the person must provide an email address and username in an email sent to the site administrator, which can be found on the Contact page. In response the site administrator can create the account and provide the person with the necessary instructions on adding scores. Users are not required to provide other personal information such as their first name, last name, hometown, country, and phone number. On the event that users want to change their personal information on the site, they can email the site administrator.

User accounts are limited to adding score content to the site. We do not use cookies, and we do not perform any type of tracking. We never ask for personal or private information.

Third Party Tracking

We do not transfer any information on the site to outside parties, and we do not allow third party behavioral tracking. In addition, we do not offer or include third party products or services on this site.