Pack Contributors

Crossover Spectrum Part I A

  • debit13 made the fallback graphic for this pack.
  • TaroNuke submitted SPECIAL ABILITY.
  • Thomas Prag submitted Live Forever, Voyage 1969, and Here I Go Again. He also opened me up to some intricate lateral crossover patterning.

Crossover Spectrum Part II A

  • debit13 made the fallback graphic for this pack.
  • Sudzi781 submitted Bad Maniacs.
  • Thomas Prag submitted Blaze, Superluminal, and Ascension To Heaven.
  • Tyler submitted Horizon, Dawn of the Kore, Evaquated, and Dokudenpa.

Crossover Spectrum Part III A

  • debit13 made the fallback graphic for this pack.
  • hi19hi19 helped with syncing Scrap Syndrome.
  • Ben Speirs had an amazing topic in DDR + ITG players on his Crash Day file with 220 BPM crossovers which inspired BRUTE MAN to create the song CROSSOVER CHART as a tribute to this pack. BRUTE MAN is pleased to make his first appearance in rhythm games with the addition of his song to this pack series.
Web Development
  • qqwref for showing me some neat tricks with Python back in early 2014. I use Python for parsing data when needed, such as the migration scripts for getting data from the 120 Crossover Spectrum songs on my old site pages. He's also created the Indeed Song Search Engine as well as the Stepmania Recolorizer which allows you to view a stepfile as well as change the note colors without opening up Stepmania. In general he's a very inspiring person.
  • debit13 aka TC_Halogen for introducing me to Adobe Brackets as a Web Development IDE. It's free and a good alternative to something else like PHPStorm.
  • The guys over at Bolt for providing a Content Management System that allowed me to set up this site.