Welcome to the homepage of the new Crossover Spectrum Site. You can see the latest news on this pack series here, and if you're new to this site here are some descriptions of the navigation menu:

  • Packs is for seeing the current Crossover Spectrum Packs available.
  • Stats is for seeing the difficulty breakdown for each Crossover Spectrum Pack.
  • Songs is for getting a full song listing of all Crossover Spectrum Packs.
  • Scores is for seeing all currently submitted Crossover Spectrum scores.

Latest News

Crossover Spectrum Courses v1 Added

I just finished adding the 16 Crossover Spectrum Courses from the first version. As a reminder, the Crossover Bears 2016 Fundraiser will be ending July 15th, 2016 10:00 PM EST - more information can be found in the AIJ thread.

Written by Dossar on Sunday June 26, 2016

Up and Running

After half a year of a site that had the appearance of something from the 90's, there's finally a new site for the Crossover Spectrum Series. It turns out there are 37 scores I could salvage from my archives to start with, 120 total songs, and 4 total packs so far.

Written by Dossar on Friday January 1, 2016